Ultra low latency

Takagi-san is hosted very close to the Discord API servers. As a result, latency is incredibly low so you can always expect blazingly fast response times.

Active help community

If you ever need help, just run the info command and join the help server. Our active community will be happy to assist you with whatever issues you are facing.

Very high uptime

We understand how important it is to have a reliable bot for your server. Therefore we blow all our money on hosting to ensure that Takagi-san is functional 24/7 and downtime is minimal



Keep your server safe and empower your moderators with simple but powerful commands.

Let your mods silence members, clear messages, kick members and, should it be necessary, strike the ban hammer.

All moderator actions can be logged using out extensive logging system to ensure that you are always in the loop of events.


Rank up in your server to become the top member!

Our powerful level system is always enabled (messages can be disabled) so you can always stay updated.

View your rank and the ranks of other members with a beautiful custom level card. You can also view the leaderboard of the most active members


Enjoy high quality music with no lag or stutters.

Listen from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo and lots of other sites!

We use the finest locally sourced Lavalink nodes for music hosted in the US to enable you to do all sorts of powerful actions like reordering the queue, skipping, seeking, custom playlists and more!


Claim your daily credits and gain TakagiCoin by voting for me!

Credits can be gifted to other members or spent on all sorts of items.

Each server has the ability to create their own special shop which members can buy roles from to gain extra benefits within a server.


Takagi-san is written exclusively by
in Python and Discord.py